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Maybe you've heard of flexible dieting, maybe you haven't, so first of all, what is flexible dieting? Essentially, it is a calorie controlled diet where you eat all the foods you like, as long as you stay within your calorie allowance. Simple as that! Now let's take a little look further into this.

Surely you can't eat what you want on a diet??

As a matter of fact you can! Every time I am asked this question, I reverse it and ask why not? Then I proceed to explain that everything in this world has a calorie allowance, you can eat 500 calories of chocolate or 500 calories of broccoli, it's still 500 calories. The difference is, there will be a lot more broccoli gram for gram and it has a lot more nutritional value.

Seriously, with this method of eating, nothing is off limits, you just have to consider portion sizes of foods to suit your calorie allowance.

How is this a diet then?

The term 'diet' is used as a negative all the time. However, a 'diet' is someone's food and drink intake, not just in the short term, but the long term too. So what I eat today, is my diet. I am not necessarily restricting anything, it is just the food and drink I put into my body. By slightly reducing/increasing particular portions in my diet, I don't remove anything, I just manage my diet better to reflect my goal to either lose or gain weight.

Now consider your own diet for the past week. Everything you have consumed both food and drink. And now imagine completely changing that to some other diet some weird person told you to do to drop a stone in ten days. Then what happens? You go back to your old diet and regain weight. Instead, how about we look at small changes to portion sizes and amounts of food that better reflect their calorie allowances in your current diet? Sounds better already right? That's because it is.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to know how many calories you can have. Each person is a little different. The most ideal way to do this is by wearing a heart rate monitor, they're in most smart watches now, you track and write down your total calorie burn at the end of each day for two weeks then figure out the average by adding them all together and dividing by 14. This is your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). Alternatively you can find a TDEE calculator online but be cautious this figure may be less accurate so you might need to add or takeaway calories as you go.

Once you know this, you take away 20% to try and lose weight or stick at this figure if you want to maintain. We use the 20% rule so you don't damage your bodies metabolic rate. As a guide, 20% aims for a loss of around 1 pound per week. This allows us to lose weight steadily over time and the majority will be fat, not muscle wastage. This also means, when we go back up to maintenance calories, we won't gain weight we have lost because our metabolic rate shouldn't be damaged.

From here, you can eat whatever you like as long as you track your calories accurately. And accuracy is key! People underestimate their calories by approximately 50% on average. People who are tracking, fail to log around 600 calories per day on average. So you can already see the problem right? Anyone who says flexible dieting didn't work for them or calorie counting didn't work for them, has probably just fucked it up!

You can eat whatever you want as long as you fall within your allowance. This works because you quickly learn you can eat more if you eat more fresh foods and less processed. You don't need to starve, you just need to adjust. There's nothing wrong with having a chocolate bar every day, it just doesn't need to be a family bar.

To track, we use our own app but for anyone that isn't currently working with us, you can download MyFitnessPal for FREE. It has every food ever on their, just make sure the measurements are accurate for what you enter. Calorie tracking couldn't be any easier!

Steps to follow

This is flexible dieting, and you could go and have a diet of chips if you wanted, but it would do you no good nutritionally. So here are my steps to make flexible dieting a way of life forever allowing you to gain control of your life;

  1. 70/30 - 70% good foods, 30% bad foods. By this, your diet should be made up of fresh fruit and veg and unprocessed meats. Then topped up with the naughty stuff like a biscuit, a bag of crisps or a slice of pizza. If you can keep within this limit, you should still be getting plenty of good nutritious foods in your diet to keep you healthy.

  2. Calorie Banking - Lets say you have 2000 calories a day, but you know you are going to have a heavy Saturday night and maybe consume 4000 calories plus what do you do? Save some calories in the bank through the week. Spend 4 days prior with an allowance of 1500 to compensate. Think of your calorie allowance as weekly rather than daily if you are a weekend binge eater.

  3. Macronutrient consideration - Carbs, Fats and Protein. I will keep this simple, aim for a higher protein diet if you can. It is not essential, but proteins tend to fill you up, they have a high thermic effect, and best of all they allow us to hold onto our lean muscle tissue.

  4. If you slip up, NO ONE CARES! Just get back to it the next day. Don't beat yourself up over a slip up, it will happen at some point, just keep the bigger picture in mind. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

And that's it, flexible dieting works! Remember, all diets work on the principle of calorie deficit, so why shouldn't your diet just reflect this? It makes it sustainable because you will always be eating foods you enjoy so it will never feel overly restrictive. As always please drop any comments. Thanks for reading!


      Let me start by saying, losing weight isn’t easy. Don’t get me wrong, the science of weight loss is very straight forward, but the process can be both physically and mentally taxing.    So why is it this way? Why is it such a struggle to millions of people around the world? There’s no one answer to this, but I’m going to share some of the reasons I believe make it so hard for people to lose weight.   Note: I’m not getting into the science of body types and medical conditions. Just real world things that we can control.   We ALL Want Weight to Change  So that sounds stupid right? Of course we want weight to change. If that number on the scales isn’t changing nothing is! Right?...Actually, wrong!   Its just not that simple. A couple of reasons our weight might not change can be due to increased lean muscle, water retention through diet off the last couple days, and menstral cycles. So many things affect our overall ‘weight’. In reality, if you’ve been managing your calories, you might of lost a pound or two in body fat and that is the aim. The scales can’t tell you this though.  So we see the weight as a number hasn’t changed and go back to old habits as it’s demoralising!  What should you do then? Take photos of yourself once per month, test with tight fitting clothes to see if they’re fitting better and take body part measurements. This will give a much more accurate indication of actual fat loss.      






        Unrealistic Expectations, or, Lack of Patience    We all want better bodies. Trust me, there are only a very small percentage of people in this world that are 100% happy with everything about themselves. And why is this? Celebrity profiles, social media and glam mags force us to be constantly wanting what they have. Even though 99% of it is shopped or tampered to make them look better than they really do. It gets in our heads from a young age and sits in our subconscious as an unrealistic dream so we are never quite happy with our image. We have unrealistic expectations.      






     Linked directly to this, we find ourselves jumping on the old fad diet or workout. ‘6 weeks to a 6 pack‘ ‘lose 10 pounds in 10 days’ ‘toned legs overnight’ these are all typical tag lines of bull shit products or diets. BUT, millions fall for these every minute of every day because it promises fast results. I have spoken to hundreds of people that have tried these types of diet and they got initial results....however....a month later they were back to square one, or worse, they’ve put more weight on! These short term fads are not good for us and negatively affect our metabolism so fuck us up in the long run. They also start a potential cycle of depression and that can impact your whole life.  With weight, or rather fat loss, patience is key for long term sustainable changes. I would NEVER be happy with someone I worked with if they were losing more than two pounds a week (even that can be more than I’d like to see). If they do, they get told to eat more! This normally doesn’t go down too well but it is essential for long term weight maintenance.   Time is on your side, surely reaching your goal in a year or two is better than falling into the yo-yo routine for the next 20 years?    The Rise of Fast Food and Easiness of Ready Made Food    I’m 30 now, and when I was growing up most villages had one or two takeaways. A fish and chip shop and maybe a pizza shop. Sure the likes of Greggs and McDonald’s were everywhere, but the huge rise in private takeaways has had a large impact on people becoming overweight. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s delicious. I love a pizza, Chinese, or Indian takeaway but I limit my intake because I know the calories they contain.   Unfortunately, most people have no idea or just ignore it due to the convenience.      






     Exactly the same goes for processed and ready made foods. They’re quick, easy, tasty, and mostly very cheap. for these reasons, people tend to neglect the nutritional absence and dense calorie values of these foods.   Combine this with the marketing campaigns plastered everywhere from the bigger players, and you’ll find yourself regularly considering a takeaway because it’s in your head and just so easy.   In reality though, you can cook a nice nutritious meal or a healthier option of a takeaway (fakeaway ;-)) in the same time it takes to cook a ready meal or wait for delivery.    Lack of Education on the Basics   Did you get taught about energy balance at school? And I’m not talking about a one off session in Year 9. I’m talking regularly educated on calories for weight loss and gain. Most of us rely on the internet to try and learn a little about weight loss, but surely if it was drilled into us at school from an early age we’d have more control?   If you spent the time now to educate yourself on the basics you could gain control of your weight for the rest of your life.  No bullshit fad diets or slimming group crap, just the basics of calorie management. Do this and I swear your life can change forever!  Any good personal trainer will do their best to teach you this from the off.   There’s too Much BS  This is simple, everywhere you look, in magazines, on TV shows, in shop windows, there’s another miracle weight loss cure/workout/pill/diet. It’s just too much! And it confuses everyone! One day we will hopefully see more strict regulations on the advertising of such crap. Until then, don’t fall into their trap. These people just want your money.     Laziness    No one likes to hear this but it’s so fucking true! We are all too lazy. Consider being alive 100 years ago where everything you did was manual labor and everything you ate was freshly cooked. If you were lazy then, you’d probably die.   In our age, we sit at desks all day, we can get food in 20 minutes with a phone call, we drive everywhere and we can even turn lights on without standing up to press the switch. Then we complain we are too tired, too busy or have other issues that mean we can’t take care of ourselves in the most basic ways. I’m talking about cooking and movement. Yet we all find time to sit on social media for an hour or two a day and binge watch three episodes of stranger things every night after work.   Break your day down with me right now. 24 hours in a day, 8 hours to sleep, 10 hours to work and travel then on average 6 hours to do as you please. You can cook and amazing meal in 30 minutes and you can do a good level of activity in 30 minutes. We still have 5 hours left....     






 We’re just too lazy as a nation, this has happened through the rise and modern day reliance on technology, and most people won’t accept responsibility for their actions.  This is the way the world has turned and only you can change your habits. You’ve just got to start! Move more, sit less, start to prepare a few meals and then build on it.    Final Thoughts and Points   All of this stuff makes it hard to lose weight, there’s no one reason but on the whole, it’s just so fucking confusing with the mixed messages and false information we receive everyday. There’s an army of GOOD coaches out there growing every day trying to educate people. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be able to make a great difference against the money makers.  At the end of the day though, it’s your life, you’re in control! You make your own choices on what you eat and do. Deep down, you have to take responsibility. So go now, educate yourself on how to actually manage your weight and give yourself at least 12 months to hit your target.  So to recap;   - Weight is just a number. Understand this doesn’t tell the story of your health or appearance. Photos and measurements are key.   - Losing weight is hard! It can be confusing, depressing and both physically and mentally draining.   - Don’t believe everything you see in the media and don’t try to be someone you aren’t.   - Be patient and realistic.   - Limit fast food and processed foods, don’t cut them out, just limit them.   - Cook more! You’ll enjoy your food and learn along the way. Keep it simple at first.   - Educate yourself on Calories and Energy Balance. Once you understand this you can stay in control of your weight.   - Don’t be lazy. It’s easy to think we’re all crazy busy and have no time. But when you reflect on your life and be honest with yourself, you probably have a lot of free time.   Thanks as always for reading, hopefully some of this info is helpful. Please post your comments and thoughts in the comments.   Steven         

Losing weight can be hard, but the science is simple, so let us take a look what we can do to make it easier.

      An age old question that still always gets asked, 'How long does it take?'.   The answer to this is not so straight forward I'm afraid, and because of the impatient world we live in, no one is happy with the answer they receive. We all want to look like models now!!     






     What we can give though, is a pretty good estimate of what you can expect to lose if you plan carefully and stick to your programme.   The main problem lies in the fact people want, and expect, to lose a stone a week (I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean) and this is totally unrealistic. To lose excessive weight quickly can cause lots of issues but the main one is a rebound where you throw the weight back on.  We never want that to happen.  The next problem is comparing yourself to others, particularly fake instagram posts of people who went from obese to shredded in 12 weeks. Again it is unrealistic, probably fake and certainly will of had 'help' in the form of some sort of drug. But as much as these can put you down, you also can't compare yourself to Jane down the road who has lost 1 stone this week off eating a turnip a day. It's not a real way to live and Jane will inevitably regain this weight.   There are many personal variables that may also control how fast or slow you will lose weight. This can come down to genetics and hormone levels. We are all different so must do our best not to compare to others. You're only trying to be a better version of yourself after all.     






     Before I finally reveal what to realistically expect, let's discuss the final issue: the scales themselves. You go on every day expecting to see a change. And you know what, one day it's up, one day it's down and after a week it's stayed the same. The scales will change, I PROMISE, just be patient and work off body measurements rather than the figure on this depression device. It's much more accurate to monitor progress this way because depending on what you are doing, body composition may be changing dramatically too (more lean muscle which is dense against body fat).      






 As we know (because we bang on about it all the time) being in a caloric deficit is the only way to lose weight. And what we like to aim for is a weekly deficit of 3500 calories as this equates to approximately one pound of fat.  So from this we can profile that to lose 5 pounds should take 5 weeks, 10 pounds 10 weeks and so and so forth.   If you use this as a rough guide, you can't go too far wrong to be honest.  Aiming for one pound per week is a healthy, safe way to lose weight and manage a realistic diet that should be maintainable in the long term.  Any questions, as always, get in touch!!   Steven

How long should it take to 'lose weight'? Let's find out... 

      So, first of all, lets state the facts, kids are expensive and spare time is non existent. I mean, what did you do with all that time before parenthood? I am also very aware of the hardship you Mam's go through. Us blokes have it easy! Your bodies go through a million changes throughout pregnancy to start with, then you have to deal with the recovery of labor. You're all amazing!      






     We have had a guest blog from a real Mam, and touched on gym training as a new parent, but this one is for those of you that have no spare time, and maybe a gym membership isn't a luxury available to you right now.  You might be stuck in a rut and need a fresh idea to get you goin again. Hopefully the tips we discuss help you toward your goal.   No Gym, No Problem   You want to lose some weight, so you check out the ten gyms near you because that's what you need to lose weight right...a gym? No, you don't. I train in a gym, I love it! I won't lie. But I work there too so it fits my lifestyle and helps toward my personal goal.   If it's just weight loss you're looking to achieve though, a gym membership shouldn't be the first thing you look for. Exercise helps us create that needed deficit to cause fat loss, and you can exercise anywhere. At home, outside in the garden, in the park, anywhere!      






     So what should I do I hear you ask? Anything you want really, as long as you're moving and your heart rate is up you'll be burning calories. It all depends on your time and ability. I use walking and short home workouts for people I work with. Because even in a time pressed world you can take your kids for a walk or find 10-20 minutes for some exercise, and you can involve your kid so they don't go wild.     






     If you find that's not enough or you can't fit it in, what else can you do? Every day daily activities! These are your secret weapon to weight loss. All day long you have the potential to be more active. Using the upstairs toilet instead of down. Walking to the shop instead of driving. Doing 20 squats waiting for the kettle to boil. Running up and down the stairs whilst the bath runs. Get creative! These small activities burn a few extra calories each time and these soon total up to hundreds of extra through a day.   How can I eat healthily, I have no time to cook!   To me, this is one of the biggest (and worst) excuses people use to enable themselves to have fatty foods. Pizza and chips in the oven takes 30-40 minutes. A fresh chicken breast in the oven takes 30 minutes and to prepare a salad takes 5 minutes. You can spend a lot of time cooking, but it isn't essential for eating healthily. Boiling or steaming some vegetables takes 10-20 minutes, cooking a stir fry takes around 30 minutes with preparation time included. Realistically, you can make healthy, fresh meals within 45 minutes max. But that means boring foods right? Wrong! There are hundreds of vegetables to try and thousands of seasonings to create new flavours. Breakfasts could be sugary cereals or pastries, but in the same time these take you could scramble some eggs or make porridge and add some blueberries. And lunches tend to be a huge downfall for most. Either eating fast food or under eating leading to binging on a night. Why not prepare extra food from the previous evenings meal and put it to one side ready for the next day? And I'm not talking about cold pizza!      






 You just need to be smart here, shop for what you intend to eat and don't buy the easy foods so you have to cook fresh. Within a week or two this will be normal for you and become a habit. Your body will thank you for it too!    MOTIVATION    Losing weight whilst training at home as a parent is easily achievable but what a lot of people struggle with is motivation to be more active and managing to stick to new ways of eating. So here are a few ways to help motivate you;  1- It's not for you, it's for your child. This is my biggest motivator at the minute. I want to be fit, strong and healthy to spend as many years on this planet as possible and be as active as I can with my son.   2- It's for all the naysayers, the people that think you'll never do it. Prove them all wrong.   3- Get a buddy, someone to go through the journey with you and be accountable to each other. This can really help you stick to a plan, especially if it's your spouse.  4- Get some help! If you can afford it, there are some great online Personal Training services that aren't too expensive. This can hold you accountable and if you pay for something you are more likely to stick with it. Do your research though as there are, unfortunately, plenty of bad online PT's too.   5- And finally, listen to some music. If it's on in the background or you are doing some planned exercise, music will make you move more and moving burns calories. It also helps entertain the kids.  One last note, remember, weight loss comes down to energy balance. The ONLY way to lose weight is be in a calorie deficit, there's no two ways about it.  As always, if you have any questions get in touch!    Steven            

Weight loss and parenting can be tough so here's some help and advice on how manage it.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

The average wedding planning takes place over around 6 -12 months. If losing a little weight for the big day is on your agenda this can be incorporated as part of the actual wedding plan, quite easily. Many brides often leave it too late and by consequence don’t reach their goal, or, nearly kill themselves trying to reach their target weight. In the final preparations for a wedding, no one wants to be doing bootcamp workouts 7 days a week and eating 500 calories a day – it’s not healthy and just adds to your stress. Set realistic, small but achievable goals, and get going from the off which will keep you motivated in the long run! Exercise is recommended in moderation – little and often with a few short bursts of high intensity effort which will get your heart rate up and prolong fat burning for while even after you have stopped exercising. Even 20 minutes 3/4 times a week will make the difference. A healthy weight loss is around one pound per week, so keep this in mind when you consider how much weight you want to lose.

Monitor your calorie intake

You must be in a calorie deficit each week, burning more than you consume, it really is that simple! You need to be in a deficit of approximately 500 calories per day to lose one pound per week. Fortunately, in this age of technology, we have a range of wonderful apps to help! I’d advise MyFitnessPal (it’s FREE). Enter all of your details and it will give you a daily calorie allowance that is specific to your goal and daily lifestyle. Log everything you eat and drink and you will quickly learn where your diet needs to improve. A lot of our clients thought this was going to be a chore, but once you are logging, it takes around 5 minutes out of your day, and you quickly start to educate yourself on what foods you can enjoy in sensible portions. Nothing is off limits, you can still enjoy a treat, as long as it fits in your calorie allowance!

Don’t drink your calories

You do need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, as established above, and we don’t want to starve ourselves, so why waste our allowance on sugary drinks?  Enjoy water, drink as much as you like, it has NO calories in and is crucial to the wellness and functioning of your organs and natural processes. If you want a little flavour add a slice of lemon or lime (or other fruit). Unfortunately your favourite alcoholic tipple is one of the biggest culprits for high calorie intake and is almost detriment to any weight loss without moderation and caution.  A bottle of cider has 200+ calories where as a vodka and diet lemonade has around 50 – make the smarter choices to balance your allowance.

Increase your daily activity

You don’t need to go to the gym more and you don’t need to do insane workouts. With the modern day busy lifestyle, this isn’t always achievable to fit into your schedule. What you can do, however, is move more every day. A 20 minute walk on your lunch, always using the stairs, and if you’re stuck at home, get up and walk around or do some housework? You’ll be amazing how many calories hoovering burns. Moving still burns calories, so whenever you can move just a little extra, do it. These ‘extra’ calories you burn total up to hundreds per week!

Reduce processed foods as much as possible

If you can cut out the manufactured foods that fill up your fridge and freezer, you will be on to a winner! Always cook fresh and keep your fridge stocked up with lots of colourful fruits and veggies. Include lean protein sources such as fresh fish, chicken, turkey, lean beef and legumes/beans with each meal. Eating these sort of foods works because they have no additives and less calories in them. This makes it easier to get into that deficit and see the pounds drop off. None of these foods have to be bland either. Get experimenting with your favourite herbs and spices like fresh garlic, coriander, ginger and chilli.


So, we mention BMR & TDEE a lot. You might be a little confused if you haven’t Googled these terms before, so I’m going to explain it in simple enough terms so it’s easy for you all to get your head around & start putting it into action.

Let’s start with BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). 

Now that term alone just sounds confusing, but I’ll break it down for you:

In order for your body to function every single day (and for each organ and cell to do their jobs) it needs a specific amount of calories. Each person is slightly different, mainly because it depends on age, gender, how active somebody is, how much lean muscle they have, and how thermogenic their body is.

So, every single day your body uses these calories when you’re doing absolutely shite all. Even if you’re laying in bed all day doing NOTHING, your body will burn this many calories. People with a sedentary lifestyle, such as sitting as a desk all day, will have a lower BMR than someone who is active on their feet all day. 

How can you calculate this? Well there are stacks of calculators you can use online. I’ll link one before to work out your BMR & TDEE. This will give you a very close estimate.  

Let’s use myself as an example here. At this moment, according to calculations, I burn 2221 calories everyday, regardless of what I do. Now this will change in proportion to how active I am. If, for example, I sit at a desk all day and skip training, overtime, my BMR will decrease because my body is not requiring as many calories to operate. The exact same principle applies if I become more active, start hammering 3 hour daily sessions and pack on lots of lean muscle. My body will then require more energy to keep it running! You starting to see the picture now?

Ok, so we’ve got 2221 Calories = MY BMR.

Now that I’ve explained BMR in it’s simplest form, we can move onto TDEE. 

This is Total Daily Energy Expenditure. 

Let’s look at EE (Energy Expenditure) :

Energy Expenditure is simply how many calories you burn from doing whatever. This can be literally ANYTHING. Getting out of bed to make toast, Walking to work, walking the dog, jumping on the spot, gym, running, cycling-I’m sure you get the picture. Anything you do on a day to day basis counts towards this. Which means that this number will vary every day.

Unlike BMR, which will more or less remain the same, your EE varies daily. Which is why we always advise to look at your changes over the course of the week as oppose to each day.  

Now, you can roughly calculate your own TDEE via this calculator link HERE <<<. However, if you want a more accurate report, use a fitness tracker (fitbit, garmin, tomtom). I use GARMIN VIVOACTIVE HR. There’s a million and one these days, you don’t have to use this one. 

Look at the image below which shows my BMR on the LEFT & my ACTIVE CALORIES (EE) through the day on the right. 


This is calculated from the Heart Rate monitor in my watch and gives me an accurate reading for the whole day.

BMR on the left is added to the active calories to give me my TDEE for the whole day. 

So basically BMR + EE = TDEE 

Now you have the total calories for that day. 

If you track your total daily caloric expenditure over a 7 day period, you can then work your total calories expended for the week. Mine is detailed below:

You can see that on average, in a week, my TDEE is 24394 calories. 

If you divide by 24394/7 = 3484 calories, this is my daily allowance. 

In order to lose fat, it’s paramount that you eat below those calories. Don’t be a dick and eat stupidly below that amount. We advise you eat only around 500 calories less that your TDEE per day.

There’s a reason for this. Dropping back to BMR again, if you start to eat significantly lower than your BMR (if for example, you follow the stupid 500 calorie a day bullshit diet), then, it’s going to fuck you up. Your body will undergo massive stress, metabolic damage will occur, and you may not be able to recover. This means that your body’s BMR drops significantly. So, instead of it being 2221 calories for me, it could drop to say 1900 for example. READ ON

Now this may not seem a lot, but is significant. There comes a point where you’re happy with your weight loss-you’ve lost 2 stone and you just want to maintain and keep that weight. 

All well and great, except that you may not realise that you’ve fucked up your metabolic rate. So even though I may still think my BMR is 2221 + EE (600 calories) = 2821, it really is 1900 + EE (lets say 600 calories) = 2500 calories. So basically, every single day I’m eating 300 calories extra per day, and 300 calories x 7days = 2100 EXTRA calories PER WEEK. Now you can see where you’ve gone wrong in the past on your crash diets!


The weight gain might be slow and you may not notice it straight away, but 3 months down the line when you’ve put on 1 stone, it will be upsetting and the whole process starts again.


I hope this has been of some help for you guys. 


I’ll do a video on this at some point, but give us a shout if you’re completely stuck with this and we’ll try our best to explain it in depth to you. 


      What is it then?&nbsp;  Online personal training is a product offered to help and support someone through an online platform. It removes the standard 'one hour' session for £25 plus and gives support day in day out to get results.  So how does this work?&nbsp;  Well it's pretty simple. With us, you'll get an email with a link to go through a quick form and then to access our app. Through the app, you get full access to the workouts we design for you and access to an instant messenger where you can ask anything you like! We are able to monitor all of your progress and make the workouts tougher as your ability improves.     



              Alyson has lost over 2 stone with us in just 12 weeks. This was done by managing diet and exercise around running a small business.   



     Why would it be for me?&nbsp;  I'll be honest, it's not for everyone. But, it works for the majority. Some people need someone next to them to shout at them, but what happens after that? Once they leave the session? Who helps them then? For those who use us, we help and support you every step of the way. We'll educate you on how to manage your diet, what exercise is good specifically for you and why you should be doing what we tell you. If you don't use a gym, no problem! You can still reach your goals. Having an online trainer makes you much more accountable every day rather than for that one hour per week.  If you're the person that isn't comfortable going to a gym, works crazy hours and shifts or has a family and struggles to find time, this service is for you. Everything is tailored around your lifestyle to make sure excuses aren't available.  So what's the catch?  Here's the funny thing, there is no catch. It sounds too good to be true, however, it isn't! Online training is taking off. There are lots of well established people running online now, (anyone ever heard of Joe Wicks 90 day SSS plan?&nbsp;) but the service they provide differs massively from one to the next. Fact is, this works!! And is quickly proving to be an extremely effective method of lasting results.  To Conclude...  Our service is second to none. With online personal training we are able to remove barriers to thousands of people that can't get to a gym or are too busy to train. It enables accountability day in day out to make sure you are always heading toward your goal. For a minority, it doesn't work, but for the majority, the results come thick and fast.  If you have any questions about how it might work for you, get in touch today  info@thesecretpt.com    

How does online personal training work? 

Now these tips may be hard to implement because I guarantee you've been working hard in the gym and eating pretty well to look good for this holiday. So eating and drinking whatever you fancy is going to be high on your list. 

As a trainer, I completely understand that when you’re away, you simply can’t be bothered to train and would much rather chill and have a few drinks. 

However, if you plan on continuing your training when you return, keeping up with your workouts, even if they are only 20 minutes long, will make all the difference. It doesn’t have to be too strenuous either; the main thing is to keep your body moving and keep the muscles active. 

‘My hotel doesn’t have a gym so I can't train’ is the most common excuse when on holiday. Errr now lets not kid yourself, you’ve got multiple options. Early morning, around Sunrise, or Late evening, are the best times to go for a run. Get yourself out, whether it’s on the beach or a few small laps around the city you’re in, Get out there! If, like me, you don’t enjoy running, the double room you've got in your hotel has more than enough space for you to move around. 

So let's look at a hotel workout for you. This is going to be full body workout, aiming to burn maximum calories and hit as many muscle groups as we can.

20 minutes long. No excuses. GET IT DONE! 

Lets start with a 5 minute warm up: 

ankle rotations > shoulder rotations > arm circles > wood chops > side lunges > forward lunge & stretch arms out > squats > on the spot knees up > heel flicks > quicker sprints > relax.

Now for the main workout. The circuit below is 15 minutes. Complete it as many times as you can, with a 45s rest after each circuit.

Use perfect form, take your time to work through every movement correctly before increasing the speed. Your form may suffer towards the end; when this happens, slow it down and adjust your pace. We’re always trying to keep the heart rate high without compromising form.


20 bodyweight squats (advance to squat jumps if you can)

10 push ups (drop to knees if you need to)

15 reverse crunches

15 jumping jacks

10 superman planks (go single arm or single leg if need be)

10 reverse lunges

20 high knees on the spot

10 tricep dips on your bed or chair

20 mountain climbers


If you aren’t able to complete the amount of reps in here don’t be afraid to drop them down.

So there we go, a workout done in 20 minutes. No interruptions to your holiday.

Now for the diet, and this is the worst part by far because when you’re away on holiday you will want to eat ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. I get it. 

But, i’m going to try and convince you otherwise. So that again, when you’re back, you have the ability to fall back into the better ways, a lot faster and it’s not so harsh on your body. After all, once you get into a rut of eating shit, you’ll come back and continue it on. Trust me.


TIPS (take them or leave them, but we’re just trying to help you)

> If you can roughly plan your day out, have some idea of where you’re going to eat. For example, if you know you’re going to have a huge dinner like an all you can eat, then have a lighter lunch & vice-versa. Whatever you do, don’t skip food otherwise you’ll end up cleaning the restaurant out when you’re faced with eating later on.

> Try and follow the same discipline in which you do at home. By this I mean try avoiding fried food, and eat plenty vegetables and good meats. Try keep your sugars to a minimum, even though I know ice creams can be tempting…

> There’s a good chance you’re very close to a beach, which I guarantee will have some good fish close by. Super tasty and a great source for your macronutrients as well as being low in calories!

> Remember, you don't have to sample every item on offer, eat everything on your plate, or go for all three courses. So either have a starter or dessert, but not both – and vary your combinations every day so you don’t feel you're missing out. And if you’re on an all-inclusive holiday, remind yourself that just because it’s all paid for, it doesn’t mean you have to pile as much food onto your plate as you can

> Be careful when you order salads. It may seem like you're having the healthiest option on the menu, but they may be drowning in dressing. Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter for it to come with dressing on the side.

If you would like any more advice or help with anything to do with your diet or training, please click HERE to drop us a message.