Personal Training

Our Training Philosophy is twofold: We believe that a strong trainer/client relationship built on trust, empathy, and commitment, is vital to success. We know that no client is equal; as such, we always aim to develop a training plan that is practical and effective, according to your individual needs.

 Our main focus & expertise is on Fat Loss however we do work with Sport Specific athletes & Pre/Post Natal clients.


dedicated coach

We’re here to put you through your paces, i’m not the trainer who is going to ‘beast’ you as such, i’ll work with you on form, technique and enable you to get the best out of your body without feeling as if you can’t move the following day. We’ll also be here whenever you’ve got any questions or need help anytime.



If you pay for a block of sessions, we won’t just leave you for those single sessions. If you’re confident and happy to do so, We’ll provide you with a workout plan for those days you’re not with us. You’ll need to work with us in order to get the best out of your plan. It can be trail and error getting the volume of training correct, but we’ll be here every step.


app feature

You can use our app to track progress on your workouts and there’s videos included so you can’t skip them.

Motivated and ready to take a leap?

Where can we train from?

Located within close proximity to the City Centre, Durham. My friend at Recover-Tec Sports Massage has a Studio that we’re able to use. We have a variety of equipment in there, and it means there’s no distractions or feeling intimidated/shy around anybody in a commercial gym. There’s Free Parking at the Farm also. It’s a private gate with the house located on the right hand side.

We can come to you. I have a few clients who I train from their own homes. Some have a full setup just like the studio above, others have nothing. I’ll take a TRX and a few small bits of equipment and we’ll do what we can. Most people don’t require everything that is in a huge gym in order to reach their goals.

We do however work within Freemans Quay Leisure Centre for our daily jobs, so our times accommodating clients will have to be outside of the hours worked. Unfortunately i’m not free 24/7 but i’ll try my best.


60 min sessions

£230 / 10 session BLOCK

£400 / 20 session block

45 min sessions