How does it all work?


initial assessment

In depth questionnaire will allow us to gather more information about you.
We’ll discuss your history, health & physical capabilities



We use a program/app called mypthub. We'll set you up on there.
This is used for all features as shown above.
Sets/reps, complete workouts, messaging system, exercise list, videos & much more.


customised plan

Frequency, intensity & volume of the programme will be based completely on what you tell us.
We can only help you if you give us the correct information. Please be as honest as possible.



We’ll check in weekly so you can give us feedback on your plan and how it’s all working out for you.
Any adjustments needed we can do. If you’re staying at a hotel for the week or going on holiday, we can work it out!


24/7 access

You’ll have access to our WhatsApp whenever you need to.
This goes without saying, but support is the big key in all of this.


Put your faith in us, give us 100% and trust the process. If you can honestly say you’ve done everything we’ve asked of you and at the end you’re not happy. We’ll refund you.