Okay, so all the workouts out there, all the different types of training, all the great nutrition guides, yet none of these work for you! Why you ask? Surely if you do 'The Rock's' arm and chest workout you'll get huge in a week right? If only that was true...

Turns out, people like 'The Rock', have been training for YEARS to get in the shape they are. Their nutrition and workouts are perfectly planned to gain weight or cut fat or maintain body composition.

The thing is, there simply are no quick tricks to get in shape. The only thing you need to do is be consistent, and progressively overload the muscles. That's it, seriously, it isn't that hard. Don't get me wrong, everybody changes at different rates, and everybody looks completely different, as we all respond differently to training. But if you get the fundamentals right - lift heavy, hit the big movements, and eat enough - you will get quality results over time.

So what are the biggest downfalls? Number one for me, too much change. One week you do 2 sets of 10 reps on flat bench, the next week you do 5 sets of 3 reps on incline bench, the next week you do one set of 30 reps on the chest press machine. You need to stick to the basic, fundamental exercises for each muscle group and do them every week looking to increase weight or reps to see a real difference. Pissing about with different shit each week will only hinder progress. 

Number two would be not logging your workouts, some of my pals call me notebook wanker and other daft names (I don't mind, it's JUST BANTER) but I am the one in the best shape seeing the best results and changes in my body. I log everything! Write the workout down, log my sets and reps, write down how I physically feel, then repeat the workout the following week with some sort of progression. Some weeks I struggle, this normally indicates a nutritional imbalance (not enough food for energy) or, I might need to give my body some rest. Take a week off every 10 weeks, totally recover from lifting.

And finally number 3, impatience! Expecting to see huge biceps in a week or a month just isn't going to happen. Give yourself at least a year of consistent training using progressive overload and I guarantee you will get results. Through impatience, people don't stick to one programme. They chop and change looking for a quick fix that's never going to happen. Head into a gym right now and ask the fittest guy or the fittest woman in there how they train and they will all have the same principles.

I haven't touched on nutrition here, but we want to take it one step at a time. Figure out your training first, start to make your progressions, then make sure you are getting your calories and macros out. We will get a blog on this soon.

I know this seems crazy, how can it be so simple? But give it a try! Month on month you'll see changes, but give it a year to really get the benefit.