1- You Don't Count Your Calories

This is the number one reason people fail at losing weight. You think you're eating healthy because you had salad and vegetables with every meal. And hey, you are! You will be getting lots of nutrients from this unprocessed diet approach and that is a good thing. BUT...you're not losing weight... Well, all foods have an energy value measured in kilocalories (calories) and regardless of what you eat, if you're not in a caloric deficit (eat less than you burn) you will never lose weight. It honestly is as simple as that.

So how do we beat this? We count our calories. Every individual will have a daily calorie allowance based on their own daily activity. Once you have this, you need to be eating less than that figure to be losing weight. Be patient though, you need to be in a deficit of approximately 3500 kcals per week to lose one pound per week. If you eat more than that figure, you will gain weight. And if you don't track your calories, everything is pure guess work and results will be unlikely.

To track this you need around 10-20 minutes per day. It doesn't take long at all, I promise! Especially in the world we live in where an app has every food type available at your finger tips. It quickly becomes habit and the results will follow. 


2- Weekends Don't Count

A common misconception we come across. People train hard all week, eat well and build up a good deficit, then go absolutely berserk at the weekend and eat and drink to their hearts content because the weekend doesn't count.... Well, I have bad news, it does! And it can regularly lead to weight gain because everything you have done through the week, is wiped out in two days.

Weekends do count, you will only drag yourself down falling into this trap. It can be a very frustrating and vicious circle. We all love our weekends and it is ok to be a little lax if you have plans, but you always have choices. Make them count where you can to keep your calories low.


3- You Ate More Because You Trained

You have trained hard, burned 300 calories, so now you'd better have extra food because you have earned it. NO! NO! NO! You have given yourself some extra deficit, this will assist your weight loss, don't throw it instantly out the window with a chocolate bar out of the vendor. I've seen this happen way too much!

Just remember, you've trained because it either fits your normal activity and your daily calorie allowance, or you're training to help go into a calorie deficit and promote weight loss. Unfortunately, you don't get to eat extra calories after training when you are trying to lose weight. 

What can help here, is planning training around a meal. So you aren't going to be hungry and snack on crap straight after training. Make sure there is something scheduled in to eat after your session to make sure you don't indulge in vending machine treats.


4- You Go Way Too Hard

Another daily problem we see. Example, Jane has eaten only 1000 calories each day for the last 10 days and has built a huge deficit causing her to drop a few pounds. But now she's starving and all she can think about is eating some pasties. Jane crumbles under these urges and heads to Greggs for 10 corned beef pasties. Jane then thinks 'what the heck, I've done it now' so continues to eat horribly for the next three days. Jane has now gained weight and weighs more than when she started... 

Do not try and crash diet, it isn't healthy and almost always ends in failure. Go for a steady deficit and still incorporate foods you enjoy (yes the bad ones too). This way you'll see steady results and are much more likely to maintain losses. 


5- You Are a Secret Eater

And finally this classic.  You are simply in denial about the food you eat. You think you've done great, eaten well and managed your portion sizes but in review,  you didn't log the three biscuits, two glasses of wine, bacon butty and cheese scone. Because they don't really count and you don't want your MyFitnessPal to look bad.

You're only lying to yourself! And you will never lose weight if you can't admit a bad diet. Because one thing is for sure, you can't outrun a bad diet.  


Be truthful and honest, log everything you eat and drink, and if it's not good, start to make changes. The small changes add up, and they soon become big changes. Then you change the way you view your nutrition, your body changes and your whole life does too. 

As always, get in touch if you have any questions. We are always glad to help!