2018 is going to be your year right? The year you get it right, lose that fat, get in shape, feel great about yourself and just be all out fucking awesome!!

Unfortunately, many of us start the year with these hopes and dreams but come February 80% have already failed. It's sad but it is true.

So what can you do to make sure you don't give up on your goals this year? Well, fortunately we have come up with some of the main Do's and Don'ts to get you off on the right foot (or left, we aren't footist).

DO NOT - Buy any God DAMN crap off the TV adverts!

It's January, every bastard and his dog has a workout DVD or piece of fitness equipment that WILL give you chiseled abs and Herculean arms.... But they won't.... It's just a fucking lie to get your money.

I will tell you now the two things people want most, fat loss and muscle 'tone'. And I will tell you now how to achieve both, caloric deficit for fat loss and progressive overload of a muscle for 'tone' (muscle gain). That SIMPLE! I'm not lying!

It's a Billion dollar industry and seeing your favourite celeb plastered on a product will mislead you to buy it. IT IS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING! But it will always be this way. Just try and be smart.

DO NOT - Start a pissy fad diet!

What is a diet? Well, believe it or not, everyone has a diet, it is what we eat and drink everyday, so when you 'go on a diet' what does that mean?

It tends to mean people eat broccoli and salad until you can't stand the stuff, or you try something crazy like Juice Diet, Weight Loss Coffee, Meal Replacements, The hospital diet, The eat shit diet or something along those lines... So what is wrong with that? To start you should never eat shit... (laughing at myself right now) All of these 'fad' diets are an EXTREME way to lose weight quickly due to being in a humongous calorie deficit (Not sure if we have mentioned calorie deficit is the ONLY way to lose weight). They are neither good for you, realistic or sustainable and if it isn't sustainable then you will lose the fight and put any lost weight back on.

So what should you do? You should eat the foods you love but track the calories on MyFitnessPal. You will learn to manage your portions and maybe add some more nutrient dense foods (that are low cals) to your foods you love. Doing this and remaining in your caloric deficit will cause you to lose fat. This lets you maintain your diet all year round for every year of your life and not put on weight whilst still enjoying what you eat.

DO NOT - Change your entire life over night!

Whatever you are working toward, fat loss, muscle gain, healthier diet etc you must realize that changing everything overnight will (most likely) result in failure. You are only human, you will have huge withdrawals from foods you are used to or you may suffer from awful DOMS if you over do the training. Implement small changes at first then develop them, if you feel you can, over time.

DO - Set realistic Goals!

You will not achieve anything if you expect results over night. Get that shit out of your head right now and realize to work toward any goal will take time. A New Year's Resolution is something to be chipped away at over the next 12 months, not something to complete in the next 12 days.

In terms of weight loss, 1-2 pounds per week is safe, achievable and realistic. And if you can, use body part measurements to monitor progress (thigh, upper arm, chest, waist and bum should be enough) not the scales of impending doom. Measurements are a much more accurate monitoring tool to show that you are moving forward.

DO - Stay Positive!

Regardless of what others say, and regardless of slip ups, staying positive is the key to success with a resolution. You must believe you can do it 100% of the time. Even when you are tired, feeling low and slipping up, you still need to believe that you will get to your destination. When you can do this, slip ups are only slip ups and don't end up in all out warfare against your desired goal. I've seen this happen so many times and it is purely down to losing positivity and belief that they can achieve what they set out to do.

DO - Rope in a friend or family member.

If you have a buddy you will push each other, motivate each other, and support each other along the road. It can be tough and moral support comes in handy. You are much more likely to succeed if you have someone to do it with.

One thing on this, I would advise AGAINST starting a fitness regime with your partner. You will shout at each other and piss each other off... Not talking from experience though, just what I have seen from my years in the business. On the diet side, you NEED your partners full support or they will be your biggest burden constantly leading you in to temptation.

Final Note

Hopefully you have learned something to help you on your way. My biggest bit of advice is to be patient, give yourself time and the results will come in whatever you are working toward.

Always remember, don't be a duck! Be a lion!!