Training my abs will get rid of belly fat.....FALSE!

Training one particular area of the body will NOT cause this area to lose weight. This has been scientifically proven multiple times, yet we still believe the magazines that offer 'the six pack workout' or 'the bingo wing burner'. It's all BS I am afraid.

Fact is, your body decides where it will lose body fat from. You have absolutely no control over this. Some of us store more on our arms, some on our hips, some on our legs. Unfortunately, the areas we store most are normally the areas we dislike about ourselves and the last place we lose body fat from. It is ok though, it will come off eventually.

Eating chocolate makes me fat.....FALSE!

Over eating makes people gain fat, it is that simple. You could have your complete daily calorie allowance in chocolate and you wouldn't gain fat. You'd feel quite un well, but you wouldn't put on any weight. Everything comes back to energy expenditure, eat more than you burn and you will gain weight. Burn more than you eat and you will lose weight.

A balanced diet is preferred for sure, plenty of vegetables, fruit and unprocessed foods. But you can have a little treat. Allowing this tends to mean people stick to weight loss plans. Restricting all 'naughty' foods is a recipe for disaster! Cravings kick in and people binge on crap resulting in weight gain 9 times out of 10.

Weight training makes girls bulky.....FALSE!

The only way for a woman to get BIG is take lots of Steroids. Women have approximately one sixteenth as much testosterone as men and this is what promotes muscle gain/growth. I promise, no amount of heavy weight training will make you a body builder.

What heavy, progressive, weight training actually does for women, is give you the 'toned look' all women crave and strive toward. You see toning is actually just a gentle term for building lean muscle. Resistance training is also extremely beneficial for women in later life helping reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other health debilitating conditions that can come with age.

The only way to burn calories, is doing cardio.....FALSE!

Whatever exercise you do, you will burn calories. Walking up the stairs, picking something off the floor, opening the fridge, this all burns calories because you are moving.

Doing cardio specifically will help to consistently burn calories over a period of time by keeping your heart rate up, but so will resistance training if performed correctly. The added benefit of resistance training is we start to build more lean muscle resulting in lower body fat through more calories burned naturally day to day.

That's a wrap for now, hopefully this helps break a few barriers for the doubters out there. Don't worry if it has been you at some point, we have all been there (myself included doing hundreds of crunches to lose my belly fat) but now you know! Use this information to your power and break away from some of the nonsense in the weight loss world.