An age old question that still always gets asked, 'How long does it take?'. 

The answer to this is not so straight forward I'm afraid, and because of the impatient world we live in, no one is happy with the answer they receive. We all want to look like models now!!


What we can give though, is a pretty good estimate of what you can expect to lose if you plan carefully and stick to your programme. 

The main problem lies in the fact people want, and expect, to lose a stone a week (I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean) and this is totally unrealistic. To lose excessive weight quickly can cause lots of issues but the main one is a rebound where you throw the weight back on.  We never want that to happen.

The next problem is comparing yourself to others, particularly fake instagram posts of people who went from obese to shredded in 12 weeks. Again it is unrealistic, probably fake and certainly will of had 'help' in the form of some sort of drug. But as much as these can put you down, you also can't compare yourself to Jane down the road who has lost 1 stone this week off eating a turnip a day. It's not a real way to live and Jane will inevitably regain this weight.

There are many personal variables that may also control how fast or slow you will lose weight. This can come down to genetics and hormone levels. We are all different so must do our best not to compare to others. You're only trying to be a better version of yourself after all.


Before I finally reveal what to realistically expect, let's discuss the final issue: the scales themselves. You go on every day expecting to see a change. And you know what, one day it's up, one day it's down and after a week it's stayed the same. The scales will change, I PROMISE, just be patient and work off body measurements rather than the figure on this depression device. It's much more accurate to monitor progress this way because depending on what you are doing, body composition may be changing dramatically too (more lean muscle which is dense against body fat). 


As we know (because we bang on about it all the time) being in a caloric deficit is the only way to lose weight. And what we like to aim for is a weekly deficit of 3500 calories as this equates to approximately one pound of fat.  So from this we can profile that to lose 5 pounds should take 5 weeks, 10 pounds 10 weeks and so and so forth. 

If you use this as a rough guide, you can't go too far wrong to be honest.  Aiming for one pound per week is a healthy, safe way to lose weight and manage a realistic diet that should be maintainable in the long term.

Any questions, as always, get in touch!!