So maybe you’ve watched the Great North Run on TV this year and you’ve decided to take it on next year, or maybe you just want to increase your fitness, drop a bit of weight! Whatever the reason you have for wanting to run, here’s a few tips on what I believe can help you!


Running in the morning has that feeling of accomplishment, you’re up at the crack of dawn (don’t snooze that alarm) and before everybody is out of bed, you’ve already smashed in a few miles, the endorphins released are incredible and you’re ready to kill the rest of the day!!  

run off the road for less impact

run off the road for less impact



Setting it as part of weekly routine is an absolute must otherwise you’re going to throw in the towel early, get in touch with us if you’re after a plan and we’ll fit it in each week for you.  

Decide how many times you’re going to run that week, how far you’re going to run and when. Then stick to the plan and execute it.

i’m not going to lie, you’re going to get those days when you’re thinking I can’t be bothered, those are the ones you just put your kit on, blast some music and go straight out and simply run. I guarantee you’ll feel great after.

A little tip that works for me, if i’m going to run in the morning, all my kit is set out the night before (shorts, socks, t shirt, bottle, headphones, gels). Whatever you need, this should help.


So when you’re first starting a plan or even starting your first run for years as a complete beginner, you’ll feel very unfit, sometimes like you’re trudging through treacle in fact. But stick with it, don’t lose sight of the end goal, keep putting one foot in front of the other and work through it, I promise you it will get easier. It doesn’t happen overnight unfortunately, but it will get better, you’ll become more effecient and you’ll really start enjoying it. Keeping track of your runs on a smart watch really helps to see improvement, which brings me nicely on to my next bit of advice.



Garmin Vivoactive HR

Grab a smartwatch. Trust me on this one, it’ll help keep you motivated and always keep a record of your running and how you’re progressing. They can be addictive particularly with steps and daily activity, you’ll see either how lazy you are during the day or even suprise yourself with how far you walk. Whatever watch you desire, i’d recommend a one with a HR monitor to keep accurate calorie count and it can help keep you in check when you’re out running. Most have the connection ability so you can add your friends and see how they’re doing too! Picking up a second hand one from eBay gives a very reasonable price too! 


If you’ve entered an event, why not try and drag a friend along to do it, that way you can both train together and push each other through it. It makes it so much easier when you’re wanting to snooze the alarm at 6am if you know your friends waiting on you. It’s just a huge boost for both people, and for some reason it always feels easier when you’re running with someone, i’m not quite sure why!

Keep watching for more posts regarding Running/Cycling over the next coming weeks. If there’s anything you’d like to discuss then let us know.

If you need help with putting a plan in place or any other fitness advice, please drop us a message on our Facebook page and we’ll happy to help.